It’s been one year since Energica Motor Company created Energica Inside, the business unit dedicated to the development of customized innovative technologies for full powertrains and powertrain components – motor, inverter, battery pack, VCU.

Taking advantage of 10+ years of experience in the full electric world, Energica Inside goal is to ease and accelerate the transition to electric mobility for companies in different sectors that want to undertake projects in this field. Energica Inside takes advantage of Energica’s know-how to build a unique value proposition in multiple cross EV verticals like maritime, aviation, agriculture, automotive, racing, urban Mobility.

In the last year we have built the new division leveraging the extraordinary competences within the group. Starting from a dedicated engineering and sales team, the Business Unit enter to full operations in few months. We assist to an increasing demand on EV knowledge in different verticals and we are confident Energica Inside will grow significantly scaling up the business

Carlo Iacovini, General Manager Energica Inside
The Energica Inside project in less than 1 year

The strong attitude and competence of Energica Inside led it to sign important agreements in its first year of activity with global industries.

Energica Inside and Sealence s.r.l.

Energica began a technological collaboration with Sealence s.r.l, an innovative startup that has revolutionized the world of naval propulsion with its own ®DeepSpeed electric jet. The meeting of these two Italian companies allowed Energica to approach the nautical market, and gave additional impetus to the company’s long-term strategy to help turn The Motor Valley into a center for sustainable “Made in Italy” mobility.

Energica Inside and Solectrac

The agreement with the Californian company concerns the main technology inside Solectrac tractors where Energica Inside identified improvements in battery technology for the electric tractors throughout their next generation of models.

Energica Inside and a new electric off-road platform for a global OEM

Energica Inside provided a feasibility study to identify a final configuration for an off-road electric vehicle platform. The company’s engineers and designers performed a technical assessment of the OEM’s existing platform and battery pack to validate the definitive product battery specification.

Energica Inside and Phenix Air Corp

The EI engineering team worked with the French consulting tech firm to integrate the EV technology package into ULM (small aircraft and seaplanes) for training and leisure applications. Energica powertrain has been initially integrated into an airplane propeller, aiming to assess performances and conduct a series of tests. Now the plan is to integrate the powertrain in an ultralight seaplane to test real performances.

Energica Inside and Pure Flight ΦNIX airplane

The EI engineering team assessed the integration of Energica powertrain that could guarantee among the highest range for a cruise intra European air travel, thanks to the high efficiency of the airframe combined with the performances of the powertrain.

Energica Inside and LifeLive racing cross-car

Energica Inside supported the Belgian cross car manufacturer LifeLive by providing Energica powertrain to do research and development in the cross-car racing sector. The teams collaborated in synergy to achieve the high standards Energica has always proved so far, providing more than 10 years of knowledge in the electric motorsport sector.

What attracted these many partners and customers from a wide range of industries to Energica Inside is Energica’s reputation for industry-leading technology and engineering and design expertise. In addition to these collaborations, Energica Inside is progressing projects at various stages of maturity that will certainly mark new milestones in Energica Inside story. Be sure to stay tuned to witness a new revolution in EVs proudly made in Energica.