MotoAmerica & SuperHooligan

Why it matters.

A journey for the ages.

Energica’s first full season in MotoAmerica’s Super Hooligan National Championship was nothing short of a success as it raised the bar of what an electric motorcycle can achieve against ICE motorcycles. Because it was never done before, not even on four wheels: an electric manufacturer had never dared challenging traditional racing vehicles at the track – let alone in a series sanctioned by an international federation.

But team Tytlers Cycle Racing and Stefano Mesa spearheaded this frontal assault aided by the PETRONAS iona liveried, KCC (Kit Corsa Clienti) equipped Eva Ribelle RS and Energica’s support squad, and wrote a key chapter in motorsport history, with one holeshot and a new lap record for electric motorcycles at Laguna Seca, followed by incredible second-place finish in race one at the Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas.

You don’t believe us? Press the green button above and see for yourself. Because MotoAmerica’s Super Hooligan National Championship is streamed live on the promoter’s YouTube Channel and Facebook Profile, with each race available to watch on demand for FREE (check out each event section below for the links to the individual races).

In what was the debut season in the category for everyone involved (Energica, Tytlers Cycle Racing and Stefano Mesa himself), the #137 KCC Eva Ribelle RS and Mesa scored points in seven out of eighth races and never finished below P7, for a resounding fourth position in the final standings.

A journey that started with an idea, a one-event appearance at Laguna Seca the year before with a standard Eva Ribelle, which gave glimpses of what a successful 2023 campaign would look like.

Partners in racing

PETRONAS iona has been a key partner in Energica’s success in the 2023 Super Hooligan National Championship. With the company expertise in NEV fluids and racing, the #137 KCC Eva Ribelle RS took another step forward performance-wise, but also received an iconic look, with its legendary colors that did not go unnoticed.

Our partners’ support was key in turning this season into a success beyond any wildest dream. Here they all are:

The road to success

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Stefano Mesa The Colombian rider aboard the #137 Energica Eva Ribelle RS KCC

31-year-old Stefano Mesa from Medellín, Colombia, is a veteran of the MotoAmerica series and a rider known for his speed, reliability and adaptability to all types of machinery. He was the perfect match for the PETRONAS iona liveried Energica Eva Ribelle, and made the most of every single lap on track given the very little testing prior to the season. He was key in making history with the Modena-based brand and Tytlers Cycle Racing.

Feel like riding an Eva Ribelle RS yourself (or a different Energica model?)

Eva Ribelle RS KCC

The first and only electric motorcycle to race a full series against ICE machines – at FIM-sanctioned level

The first electric motorcycle to hole shot against ICE bikes at Laguna Seca – or anywhere else.

The first electric vehicle to podium against ICE competitors at in a FIM-sanctioned event – ever.

Tech Specs