Energica EsseEsse9

The world’s first “classic” retro-styled electric motorcycle
is also supremely practical

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Take the long, long way home. Beauty doesn’t have to get in the way of practicality.

The choice of long-distance electric riders everywhere yet loaded with the classic Italian style and refinement that you’d happily ride from café to café.

You might say that the Italian tradition of combining beautiful design with practical engineering goes back a long, long way, even to ancient Roman times. Yet this beauty is thoroughly modern, in fact, ground-breaking. New for 2022 we give you three stunning new colors but keep the anodized headlamps that have already made the EsseEsse9 an instant classic.

The Energica EsseEsse9+ shares the technology and sophistication of the EGO+ and the EVA Ribelle but is made more suitable for casual riding without the demanding hyper-performance of the other two models. The retro-style bench seat and relaxed riding position make the EsseEsse9+ ideal for two-up riding and it’s the preferred choice for long-distance electric wanderers the world over.

Like all our motorcycles, the EsseEsse9+ has an exclusive feature: all three charging options – Slow Charge Mode 2 or 3 and DC Fast Charge Mode 4, all provided as standard. With our EMCE technology this means the longest range of any electric motorcycle: 261 miles of city range, 160 miles of combined city and highway range, and 130 miles of extra urban riding. If you want even more acceleration, select the RS Version.

The new EMCE motor and inverter round out a relaxed, refined, easy to ride, and very, very beautiful motorcycle – yet loaded with power. Classic Italian Style. The 2023 version of the EsseEsse9+ will boast an improved torque of 207Nm.

Design Classic Design with an electric beating heart

EsseEsse9 is a bike out of time. With a retro style yet thoroughly futuristic innovation, EsseEsse9 gives riders the best of both worlds.

Recharge Two charging options supplied as standard

Energica motorcycles can be recharged outdoors at public charging stations or at home. Thanks to the Slow Charge Mode 2 or 3, you can recharge 0,66 miles every minute. The Fast Charge DCFC Mode 4 mode, on the other hand, charges Energica motorcycles 4,16 miles every minute – more quickly than any other electric motorcycle on the planet.

Innovation High technology with ease of riding

The EsseEsse9 is the result of over 10 years of 360° innovation in the world of two-wheeled electric. We design not only for the track, but for the real-road conditions of everyday riding. Our objective is to make electric a genuinely practical and enjoyable alternative to the typical IC experience.

The special versions

Energica Eva EsseEsse9+ RS

Put all this exploring capacity to use with the EVA EsseEsse9’s very comfortable retro bench seat, higher bars, and lower foot-pegs. All the better to invite a passenger to share the ride.

Obsessed with performance and off-the-line acceleration? Choose the new RS Version for 2021.

The EsseEsse9+ RS Version has been developed with implemented Vehicle Control Unit firmware and a modified drive train to speed acceleration from a standing start all the way to the top speed. An improvement of over two-tenths of a second from 0 – 60 mph has been demonstrated with additional time saved throughout the range until 125 mph.

The existing final drive chain has been upgraded to a Regina 15/44 525 O-Ring Chain to cope with the additional acceleration. RS Decals are subtly displayed on the lower fairing.

Energica EsseEsse9+

80 kW
200 Nm
125 mph
0-60 mph 3.0 sec.
261 miles

Energica EsseEsse9+ RS

80 kW
207 Nm
125 mph
0-60 mph 2.8 sec.
261 miles

Technical sheet

790 mm / 31,1″
1465 mm / 57,7”
2140 mm / 84,2”
870 mm / 34,25”
1152 mm / 45,35″ (mirrors not included)
260 kg