Energica Inside, the business unit of Energica Motor Company dedicated to developing innovative solutions for e-mobility, signs a new commercial agreement with Solectrac, the U.S. leading electric tractor manufacturer.

The agreement concerns the main technology inside Solectrac tractors where Energica Inside can share its expertise coming from over a decade in electric vehicle know-how.

The new Italian business unit will especially take care of developing a new battery pack for Solectrac electric tractors throughout the entire line-up of models.

“This agreement represents for us an important step in the sustainable transition applied to the agricultural industrial sector, which has been touched only marginally so far,” stated Carlo Iacovini, General Manager Energica Inside“This important result follows the mission of the Energica brand to help lead Change in the world of Sustainability.”

The synergy between these two electric vehicle companies is made possible thanks to Ideanomics, of which both Energica and Solectrac are subsidiaries. 

All of the companies of the Ideanomics family are brought together by these principles: accelerating the commercial adoption of electric vehicles by bringing vehicles, charging and financing solutions together under one roof, we are the only one-stop partner needed to simplify the transition and operation of an EV fleet.