Energica Inside confirms its commitment on some ongoing projects in the Ultralight aviation industry.

The engineering team is working on integrating the EV technology package into ULM (small aircraft and seaplanes)for training and leisure applications.

The feasibility studies started in different locations and with different partners. Together with Phenix Air Corp, a French consulting tech firm, Energica powertrain has been initially integrated into an airplane propeller, aiming to assess performances and conduct a series of tests. Now the plan is to integrate the powertrain in an ultralight seaplane to test real performances.

A parallel project has started in California, in cooperations with a team of engineers and pilots led by Gabriel De Vault, expert pilot and senior engineer, who are working to integrate the latest Energica Powertrain in a purpose built Sonex airframe. The project aims to test performances and range of the EV conversion, that fits multipurpose use cases, from training course, to cruise intrastate travel and even aerobatics. 

A third project features the Pure Flight ΦNIX airplane. The engineering team is assessing the integration of Energica powertrain that could guarantee among the highest range for a cruise intra European air travel, thanks to the high efficiency of the airframe combined with the performances of the powertrain.

All programs are moving concurrently and will benefit from each other’s learning with the goal of finetuning the set-up, integrating mechanical and electrical aspects and create the best EV solution for light airplanes.  

“Aviation has been at the forefront of innovation in the transport sector and EV technologies are entering into the equation of product development. We have started different programs with partners around the globe to learn together and fast the time to market of our solutions”,

Carlo Iacovini, General Manager Energica Inside