Racing MotoE (2019-2022)

Energica played a major role in the inception and rise of the FIM Enel MotoE™ World Cup, having been the Single Manufacturer for the four-year period 2019-2022. The has seen close racing and outstanding battles on some of the most iconic circuits in motorcycle racing. All 18 riders have fought corner after corner for the ultimate prize, with title winners in Matteo Ferrari (2019) two-time World Cup champion Jordi Torres (2020 and 2021) and Dominique Aegerter in the final season. Several other riders were also able to step atop the podium and finish in the top-three in the many races contested so far.

In these four years, the Ego Corsa machine was the absolute star of the show – a racing-oriented electric motorcycle capable of incredible performances and highly praised by the riders partaking the series.

From race to road
The four seasons of MotoE™ have helped Energica to create a huge amount of experience that is constantly being transferred to the road models.

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Ego Corsa

The official bike of the electric category