Innovating to improve people’s lives, expand their experiences and support their passions by letting them do things that they could not do before. Setting out on a path that has not been explored to date, this innovation meets and revolutionizes mobility on two wheels. Samsung Electronics Italia, in collaboration with Energica Motor Company S.p.A., today announces Smart Ride, a project that has as its aim a completely new riding experience.

In Italy, a country where motorbike market is growing (with a 4.3% increase in registrations[1] during the first half of 2018), urban mobility on two wheels is a crucial subject, not only with a view to reducing emissions and easing traffic, but also in terms of technological development for the introduction of innovative solutions for motorcyclists.

The collaboration between Samsung and Energica, the first Italian manufacturer of electric motorbikes, fits into this scenario. This partnership originated from the companies’ shared values, such as great attention to quality, research and technological innovation. All these elements have allowed the development of a cutting-edge project, Smart Ride, which offers a new way of experiencing motorbikes. It is a solution which perfectly reflects the Do What You Can’t philosophy of Samsung: at the service of people and their passions, innovation lets them achieve objectives which otherwise would be completely out of reach.

At Samsung, we are aware that innovation can play a key role because it enables revolutionary projects with direct impact on everyday life. This is exactly the reason why we are committed to continue exploring new sectors, where ideas can be transformed into real projects thanks to technology,” explains Francesco Cordani, Head of Marcom at Samsung Electronics Italia. “With the objective of developing a solution of great importance and quality, we wanted to work with a valued brand in the world of two wheels like Energica which, thanks to its experience and innovative approach, represents a partner of excellence to start out on this journey with the creation of the Smart Ride project.

 “We are proud to be at the side of a global leader like Samsung in the Smart Ride project,” emphasizes Livia Cevolini, CEO at Energica Motor Company S.p.A. “Our corporate idea is firmly rooted in the well-known Italian Motor Valleyengines and innovation have always been in our DNA. Over the past few years, we have interpreted the market’s need by anticipating products and solutions that are unique in the world. We have gone beyond the status quo offered by current technology, creating a new know-how. By creating innovation. I hope that the Energica and Samsung visions connected in this new Smart Ride project can be an inspiration for electric mobility in Italy and beyond its borders.”


The prototype conceived by Energica Motor Company for Smart Ride has been designed starting from the electric old-style Eva EsseEsse9, the newly proclaimed Best Electric Bike of the Year 2018. The result is “Bolid-E”, a speed machine which exalts the concept of speed as an emotion: a futuristic motorbike in which Samsung technologies and Energica expertise come together. The logo takes up this concept, showing, in the second letter, the graphic design of the headlights which, with their hollow profile, emphasize the sensation of speed and getting permeated by the wind. Bolid-E is the evolution of the key concept of Eva EsseEsse9: an alchemy of passion and tradition projected towards future at high speed.


Smart Ride, a project managed and developed in all its phases in Italy by Samsung and Energica, aims at making possible the interaction – through NFC and Bluetooth connectivity – between Samsung Galaxy Watch[2] and the Energica motorbike, guaranteeing a brand new riding experience. The Energica motorbike is also fitted with intelligent mirrors. The Head-up Displays consist of two Samsung Galaxy A series[3] devices integrated into mirrors which, thanks to the videos generated by the two cameras – one rear and one front – on the motorbike, revolutionize road safety, analyzing images in real time and warning the rider of any hazards and obstacles ahead.


Thanks to the interaction with the Samsung[4] smartwatch through the dedicated “Energica” app, the rider can control her/his Energica motorbike via Bluetooth, checking battery level and related autonomy, and displaying the position of the bike on a map (based on the integrated GPS module on the vehicle). It is also possible to display in real time the average consumption, the power supplied, information on the journey such as total and partial (TRIP) odometer and performance of the vehicle (Speed, Torque, Power, RPM). Through the Horn function, riders can sound the horn directly from the Samsung smartwatch to be able to locate their bikes or as a deterrent for criminals.


Samsung and Energica are also revolutionizing the way the motorbike is started: through the interaction (NFC) between the Galaxy Watch and the vehicle, a virtual key can be created which allows, merely by putting the smartwatch near the tank, starting the motorbike. In addition, owners can share their virtual key with a selection of contacts from their address book. Before setting off, you can also set your destination and start recording the journey.


Smart Ride is a project that not only aims at innovating the riding experience, but also at guaranteeing a high level of safety on the road. Thanks to the intelligent mirrors – the Samsung Head‑up Displays – it is possible to see, without any distraction, useful information on the journey, such as possible obstacles, the presence of vehicles in blind corners or pedestrians on the road. Furthermore, while travelling it is possible to check the availability of AC or DC type charging stations nearby, thanks to the GPS module integrated in the Samsung Galaxy Watch.


The Energica riding experience is characterized by speed and performance: by activating the Track Recording function, it is possible to virtually relive the emotions of the journey on your Samsung Smart TV thanks to videos recorded by the built-in cameras on the motorbike and data captured by the smartwatch. In addition, using Smart Ride, the Energica riders can share their passion with friends through the Track Sharing and Key Sharing features. With a view to guaranteeing safety that is as effective as possible, Samsung and Energica have implemented a remote monitoring system to track the motorbike when it is used by several people. It is possible to display on a map the current position of the user and her/his Energica motorbike, define a range within which the motorbike can be used and get notified when it goes too far away.

[1] Comparison on a half-yearly basis 2017 vs. 2018, ANCMA report – July 3rd, 2018.

[2] The solution is compatible with Samsung GearS3 smartwatches or later versions.

[3] Samsung “Head-up Display” – Galaxy A8 with smartphone features disabled.

[4] The solution is compatible with Samsung GearS3 smartwatch or later versions.