Energica Motor Company, leading brand of electric motorcycle and system integration for EVs, signed new commercial agreement in Portugal.

The new importer MOTEO Portugal S.A. is located in Aveiro, Portugal.

We are very proud to start with Energica since this is the leading brand on performance electrical motorcycles, and we are sure that all the knowledge acquired in MotoE will keep the technological development in the edge of the industry

Said Eduardo Alão, Chairman MOTEO Portugal S.A.

The charging network in Portugal is very wide, most of them are quick charges and cover the most populated areas.

We are so proud to add MOTEO Portugal S.A. as our importer in Portugal, where we expect a great increase of our sales. The new agreement with MOTEO Portugal S.A. represents for us a further stage in the development of the distribution network of Energica Motor Company.

Giacomo Leone, Energica Sales ROW Director