Energica Motor Company S.p.A. continues to expand in the United States: a new commercial agreement with Yamaha Suzuki Sports Plaza in Portland, Oregon will now service the Pacific Northwest, a hotbed for EV adoption for both four and two wheels.

The Northwest Pacific states are committed on sustainable mobility. Oregon has 21,433 electric vehicles in operation, representing 3.41% of all vehicles sold in that state last year. Likewise, Washington state has another 35,517 EV’s for 4.28% of all passenger vehicles.  Together with California, all three states are part of the West Coast Electric Highway initiative, with public DC Charging stations placed on Highway 101 and Interstate 5 at 25- to 50-mile intervals. Energica motorcycles are the only ones in the world able to use this initiative, having the DC Fast Charging technology based on CCS Combo.

Both states plan to significantly expand EV use further still and their already substantial EV charging infrastructure.  Oregon will receive $72.9 million from Electrify America for this purpose over the next ten years, and Washington, almost $104 million.

“Data shows a constant growth of EV’s market:  from cars to motorcycles and charging infrastructures.” stated Stefano Benatti, CEO, Energica Motor Company Inc. “Adding a dealer like Yamaha Suzuki Sports Plaza that is so highly experienced in motorcycle sales both ICE and electric, will make a tremendous contribution to our nationwide expansion.”