Energica signed new commercial agreement in Germany. The new dealer Autohaus Heider GmbH is located in Hagen, Germany.

<< With the innovative technology of the Energica electric motorcycles, we have found a competent manufacturer that is 100% in line with our vision of sustainability. In the future, we look forward to presenting our customers at Autohaus Heider not only with driving pleasure on four wheels, but soon also with the powerful two-wheelers that guarantee pleasure and mobility in an environmentally friendly way.>>

Jan Heider, (CEO Autohaus Heider GmbH)

The state of North Rhine-Westphalia is actively supporting the growth of public fast-charging infrastructure by allocating an additional 15 million euros. This financial commitment strongly indicates a potential surge in electric mobility in the region. Earlier in spring 2023, the state had initiated a funding opportunity to expand the fast-charging network, making a total of ten million euros available. Due to overwhelming interest, this funding was quickly utilized. Now, with the latest funding initiative, it is anticipated that up to 750 new charging points can be established. 

<<We are so excited to introduce Autohaus Heider GmbH in our Energica Dealer Family. This agreement confirms that Germany is an area that strongly believes in electric mobility.  For our dealers, Energica means being one step ahead of the times. >>.

Giacomo Leone, Energica Sales ROW Director