Energica signed new commercial agreement in Germany with Ramsperger Automobile GmbH & Co. KG.

The new dealer is located in Kirchheim/Teck, in Baden-Württemberg land, and has more than 113 years of experience in automotive sector working with major brands including Volkswagen and Audi. Founded in 1908 the company today has more than 300 employees in its workforce.
Due to the neighborhood to the major technology companies in the motorcycle and automotive sector, the dealer is strategically located right in the center-area of the German Motor Valley.

Ramsperger Automobile, a Volkswagen partner for almost 75 years and represented in the market with the group makes VW, Audi, Skoda and SEAT, expanded its portfolio to include brands outside the group in 2019.
“This step opened up new customer groups for us and demonstrated our ability to adapt our structures to small brands as well,” says Frank Eberhart, the Group’s managing director for 17 years.
“The Volkswagen Group is currently making a powerful move towards electric mobility, and Ramsperger was one of the first partners to distribute the VW Group’s EV models.”
It was only logical that the enthusiastic motorcyclist Eberhart also closely observed the electric two-wheeler sector and became aware of Energica.
“We believe that Energica is the ideal complement for the motorcycle fans among our customers who already drive an Audi E-Tron or a VW ID,” says Eberhart.
“Anyone who experiences the incredible acceleration of an electric vehicle is getting thrilled. That said, the synergies between two-wheelers and cars are evident, which is why the automobile group as a whole can benefit from the new entry Energica”.

“As already stated Germany is one of the leading market for Energica brand, alongside with USA, Netherlands and France.” Says  Giacomo Leone, Energica Sales & Field Marketing Director.
“Furthermore the forecasts are very positive: according to Bloomberg, for the first time EV sales in Germany will exceed California’s in 2021, thanks also to government incentives. Germany is currently the European market with the biggest network of Energica dealers; adding Ramsperger we allow us to reach 12 sales points – with the addition of our Munich showroom.”

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