Energica signed a new commercial agreement in France.

The new dealer Stand41 is located in Blois, Centre-Val de Loire, France.

We are happy to announce the beginning of a beautiful story with Energica! A Brand at the forefront of technology of electric motorcycles, breathtaking performance, style and design to the Italian high-end!

Baptiste Poussard, CEO Stand41

Centre-Val de Loire is developing a strong emission reduction strategy; for this reason, the region expects to have over 6.000 public charging points by 2025. The growing charging network is a clear sign that France has a strong commitment to the electric transition. Therefore, Energica has decided to strengthen its presence in France.

We are so proud to introduce Stand41 among our sales networks. This agreement strengthens our commercial strategies in France where Energica already has 15 dealers. Our goal is to increase our presence in the areas most sensitive to the electric transition: by choosing electric, we can transform our transportation landscape, promote sustainability, and embark on a thrilling journey towards a cleaner and brighter future

Giacomo Leone, Energica Sales ROW Director