Energica will unveil its MY2022 model range at the event Energica Force Hub – on November 24-25, 2021 – at the evocative ‘Spazio CB32’ in Milan, Italy.
The all-electric Italian motorcycles will be presented to the general public with a new design with regards to naming and lettering but also to colours, which fully represent the Italian style and futuristic mindset of the Modena-based manufacturer.

The private event – accessible by reservations only – is designed to put on centre stage the Energica community for what will be an exclusive event, in which customers and fans of the Modenese manufacturer will be able to admire the new Energica My2022 range.

The attention to the customer comes from the utmost importance that Energica gives to its fanbase, as they were recently involved in the spectacular celebration lap of the 2021 FIM Enel MotoE World Cup – of which Energica is currently the single manufacturer – together with the reigning and defending MotoE World Champion Jordi Torres.
It was an incredible celebration for all Energica customers and dealers, who joined together the first-ever Energica Week by the Italian manufacturer.


Together with a futuristic setting, the modern atmosphere of Milan’s Spazio CB32 highlights the renewed design of the Energica range: from the two-coloured seat post of the EsseEsse9, which already at first glance hints at the quality of the materials used, to the colour schemes of the liveries, which were studied in every single detail to take the Energica customer into the future of mobility.
The visible font on the fairings of the Ego and Eva Ribelle models has changed, with a look that is more modern and, at the same time, closer to the taste of the Energica customers. The avant-garde and revolutionary spirit of Energica, in conjunction with the feedback from the market, have been crucial in the choice of the new colours for the 2022 range.

Metal Black for the Ego, Rosso Corsa and Stealth Grey for the Eva Ribelle, Riviera Green, Bormio Ice and Sunset Red for the EsseEsse9; these are the new liveries that will characterise the 2022 season by Energica.

On top of the new lettering, Ego MY2022 also features new graphics on the fairings, carbon fibre rims and a new colour combination.
Just like the flagship Ego, Eva Ribelle renews the lettering, along with new premium graphics on the fairings and red-coated rim details with the Energica logo.
New stickers will also appear on the RS version, with culminate with the elegant red line on the tail.

The accurate study performed on the design of the EsseEsse9 led to the creation of fine details such as the two-coloured seat post with the embroidered logo, a metallic-matte coloured “not-tank”, anthracite anodised aluminium headlight case and seat-post mount and metallic-grey logo on the fairing.


Progress is the reason behind Energica’s motivation to always look ahead, and this is the reason why today the new MY2022 range includes the new, standard-equipped EMCE engine with lithium-polimery battery that allows for a weight-reduction of around 10kg and an increase of the riding range between 5 and 10% depending on the riding style.

“The launch of the new EMCE motor was expected for 2022 but, given our desire to always be ahead of times, we were able to unveil it already on May 2021, six months in advance” says Giampiero Testoni, CTO of Energica Motor Company.
“The level of technology reached in our decade of experiences grants our customers high performance and maximum reliability. This is an unmatched plus, which has been certified by the racing side of things thanks to our involvement in MotoE as single manufacturer”, he continues.

All the MY2022 bikes will be equipped with the EMCE as standard, which is capable of generate a torque that is virtually higher than any conventional ICE motorcycle.

The Ego+, for example, generates 215Nm of torque, around 56% higher compared to the torque of an ICE hypersport motorcycle, with a continuing power of 149hp and a peak of 171hp.


Thanks to an accurate marketing strategy, Energica is close to 100 dealers around the world with four monobrand showrooms, as the brand’s unstoppable rise continues.
These numbers are destined to grow further also in the US market, thanks to a structured Floor Plan which will give a significant boost to some of the main markets of the Modena-based manufacturer.
Energica has also increased its presence in Asia and in the GCC markets, for an improved visibility of the brand also in these new commercial areas.

“Energica has always anticipated trends and technologies, because that’s in the brand DNA. This is the competitive advantage that characterise us the most, especially compared to the competition,” says Giacomo Stefano Leone – Sales & Field Marketing Director of Energica.

“Among the most-liked aspects from our partners there is surely the attention to details which is typical of the Made-in-Italy design.

The new range of motorcycles largely reflects the Italian style, which many envy us around the world. The shapes and liveries for the 2022 season show style and sportiness, in perfect harmony with the quality of the Energica bikes.”


Thanks to the incredible synergy with its partners, Energica will be present at the Milan motorcycle exhibitions at the Bikelift, Cobo, Team Gresini Racing, In Sella booths as well as the event organised by Dell’Orto.


Thanks to the company know-how developed in more than ten years of experience in the world of full-electric mobility, Energica has now the strength to increase the range of its R&D to other areas of the reference market.
The synergy with other Italian institutions has given birth to new innovative projects such as E-Power and CEMP, which embrace the lightweight urban mobility.

Both current and future projects are gathered in a new Business Unit named Energica Inside, which promises to be a new disruptive institution in pure Energica style.

“Technology is the medium through which the human being is able to overcome its limits. Thanks to the industrial synergies we built through the years and the subsequent birth of a dedicated Business Unit, we’re confident about the chance to place new milestones in the electric mobility world as well as to increase our role of pioneers of the Electric Valley” says Giampiero Testoni, CTO of Energica Motor Company S.p.A.