Energica Inside, Energica’s business unit dedicated to providing innovative solutions for the e-mobility, will supply the high
performance powertrain platform, based on the EyeLights‘s Rocket One design. Excellence and
performance are defining the Rocket One: 0-100km/h in 2.6s, 1200 Nm of torque on
the rear wheel and 170 horsepower.

The Rocket embodies the future of motorcycle vision by EyeLights.
The motorcycle is the perfect synergy between the aeronautics world and the
motorcycle heritage. The Rocket One inherits its design and technology from fighter
jets. With no instrument cluster, all information is displayed in Augmented Reality
through the helmet, allowing a sleek and futuristic design.

When I made the first design concept of the bike, I wanted to show how EyeLights AR
technology could perfectly integrate with a modern motorcycle design. I took my inspiration
from the jet turbine for the headlight and drew a continuous line till the rear of the bike, as
our AR helmet allows a full cluster removal. I was not expecting this bike concept to be such
a success with 40 Millions online views! Now, I am super excited to announce Energica
Inside is ready to bring that super bike on roads!!!

Romain DUFLOT, EyeLights Founder &CEO

This agreement marks a significant milestone in our efforts to broaden our operations,
showing a new opportunity to accelerate the electrification process across industries. It
aligns seamlessly with Energica’s vision of advancing the Italian Electric Valley’s expansion.

Carlo Iacovini, Energica Inside General Manager.


About Energica Inside :
Energica Inside is the new business unit by Energica Motor Company dedicated to development of
innovative solutions for e-mobility.

About EyeLights :Born in 2016 in Toulouse, the start-up EyeLights launched EyeRide in 2017, the first head-up display forbikers originally developed for fighter jets. The technology has been adopted by more than 20,000 customers in Europe, in the United States and Japan. In 2022, EyeLights introduced the first automobile- qualified Augmented Reality windshield projection with AGC. EyeLights technology was awarded in 2023 by the Japanese leader Toyota as well as 6 other manufacturers. EyeLights technology was selected by NASA, the European Defense consortium with SAFRAN, the French Air Force and the French special forces. EyeLights closed a €20M fundraising round in February 2023 to accelerate the industrial deployment of its technologies.