Energica’s parent company CRP Technology has committed – free of charge and taking all costs upon itself – towards the fight against Covid-19 by manufacturing in-house several functional prototypes of emergency valves for reanimation devices and link-components for emergency respiratory mask for assisted ventilation, using additive manufacturing and their own patented Windform® P1 isotropic material. The valves are currently being tested in a hospital in Lombardy, Italy.

For the manufacture of both type of components, the CRP Technology’s Rapid Prototyping Department has used the 3D printing technology called HSS (High Speed Sintering) and the Windform® P1 isotropic material – which is the state of the art in precision manufacturing and adds a great level of reliability compared to FDM technology.

CRP is heavily involved in Energica’s MotoE effort, as it designs and manufactures several key components for the Ego Corsa motorcycles.

Read the full article here https://www.crptechnology.com/front-line-fight-against-covid19-mask-3d-printing/