Being the single manufacturer of the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup means that constant R&D is required to improve not only the performance of the Ego Corsa machines, but also of all the systems and tools allowing on-track procedures to take place as smooth as possible.

In the previous official MotoE test at Jerez de la Frontera in March, Energica brought a new, external cooling system designed and developed to ensure the ideal level of performance with three sessions durint the same day and with extremely hot weather condition. Giampiero Testoni, the CTO of Energica, explains in detail how this new system works:

“This idea came from the fact that, during winter testing, we want riders to do as many laps as possible during the three sessions per day. With fast charging and the actual riding on the track, it can happen that in the last session of the day, a situation of power limitation by the bike can be triggered. Therefore, we decided to implement a system with dry ice; we firstly created a test system, and we made some trials with different configurations: different type of systems (open/closed, fan/blower), while simulating battery heating – and keeping track of the temperature. In the end we chose the one that we reckon was more fitting to the situation.

This system is simple: it is basically a thermic box containing dry ice: our Makita blower blows air through a tube into the box, and, with the dry ice, the air temperature decreases considerably an in a very short time. The cold air is then sent out to the bike through another tube and the cooling process begins.

After the first test in Jerez, we saw that there were things that could be improved, so we made a modification to the system. What we noticed last month was that with higher humidity levels, some ice was forming on the intake grid of the battery. Obviously, with the temperature of the air being around -15/-20°C of temperature (5/-4°F) a sort of ‘wall’ of ice was formed. That meant that we had to wait for the ice to cool down before resuming the procedure.

For this upcoming test, we have added an intermediate filter and decreased the flow of the blower, which should prevent any formation of ice and therefore allow us to use this system no matter the humidity levels.

This system will also allow to keep the battery in the ideal temperature especially in the racing weekends that are marked by extremely high temperatures (as experienced last year in in Jerez): it will be possible to cool down the battery before the race, and that will also make it easier should the need of three sessions on the same occur during an official MotoE event.”

Energica and the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup will return to action this Monday, April 12th, for the final official preseason test at Jerez de la Frontera, the same track hosting the 2021 season opener the first weekend of May.