A few weeks after the inauguration of the new headquarters in the hearth of Italian Motor Valley, Energica Motor Company proves its worth in EV’s field.

The production of Ego and Eva has achieved a remarkable growth: as they began in May and June, now both productions are fully operational and already sold out.

“The company in the first 6 months sold in all major European countries (Switzerland, Germany, Norway, The Netherlands, England, Spain and Portugal) strengthening commercial presence in those markets where it already operates,” says Riccardo Ancilotto, Sales Director Energica, ”Prospects are positive, we are working on our distribution network in order to add also France, starting from the main square, Paris. At the same time negotiations are ongoing in Austria and Belgium “.

Ancilotto continues: “In September we will launch the Value Operation, aimed at rewarding the choice of those who already believed in our brand. We’re also organizing several promotional activities at our new display hall in the heart of San Francisco, Galleria Energica. These activities will be carried by our American team that has been recently added to our staff. “

Boom EVA. The excellent sales results were achieved thanks also to the launch of the second model Eva. Energica motorcycles are available through our sales network.