Modena – 2016 June 16th

Energica Motor Company S.p.A. inaugurated the new factory in Soliera, Modena!

The Opening Ceremony was attended by over 120 participants including institutions, investors, media and strategic partners.

This new facility is located in Modena, the Italian Motor Valley and serves as Energica’s main headquarters, as well as production and distribution point for Energica Ego and Energica Eva.

Energica’s new 32.000 square foot factory meets the functional needs of the company with a building capable to represent the company philosophy, creating a dynamic working place.

Inside the company customers can find the new showroom, Energica Lounge, together with the museum on the history of the company; from the first racing bikes up to the Ego prototypes.

A large space of the factory is reserved for the R&D Dept., a key driver for developing Energica products innovation.

In the outdoor area of the facility is located a Spin8 fast-charging station, available thanks to the innovative start-up partner of Energica. The charging station is available for customers and visitors, usable by Spin8 app, interoperable with European networks.