Energica Motor Company, leading company of high-performing electric motorcycle and FIM Enel MotoE World Cup single manufacturer for the next three years, signed new commercial agreements that will cover Germany’s most populated and commercially relevant areas: Augsburg, Nuremberg and Hamburg.

Nuremberg and Augsburg are the largest cities in Bavaria after Munich; Energica brand will be represented by Autohaus Steppe and Richter + Zech, two companies committed respectively to premium luxury vehicles and EVs .

In the port city of Hamburg, which is the second largest city in Germany, Energica will be present at Evectro Mobility.

“The German EV market is one of the most important in Europe for the presence of a national ecosystem aimed at the development of electric vehicles. The total number of Energica dealers in Germany is up to 12 – with the addition of our Munich showroom. Germany is currently the European market with the biggest network of Energica dealers”, says Giacomo Leone, Energica Sales & Field Marketing Director. “In this Q1 Germany’s EV market share keeps growing hitting 6.9% in February”.