Energica Motor Company, leading company of high-performing electric motorcycle and system integration for EVs, signed new commercial agreement in Kazakhstan.

The new importer LLC Motor Company is located in Almaty, Turksib district, Kazakhstan.

We are very excited to start with Energica as we see a great future in Energica electric motorcycles in Kazakhstan. We believe that Energica is one of the most advanced and with great potential, keeping up with the times and ahead of the needs of our future customers.

Vladimir Bakhayev, Chairman LLC Motor Company

We are so proud to add LLC Motor Company as our importer in Kazakhstan, where we expect a great increase of our brand. Thanks to this agreement we continue to expand new sales opportunities in Asia. The Electric Vehicles market in Kazakhstan is projected to grow by 25.86% (2022-2027) resulting in a market volume of US$32.12m in 2027. Also for these reasons, we believe that this agreement represents a key point of the growth of the Energica brand

Giacomo Leone, Energica Sales ROW Director