Energica Motor Company signed new commercial agreement in Croatia.

The new importer INFIDEL D.O.O. is located in Klis.

In the Croatian market during the year 2021, out of 10519 vehicles sold and registered in total, only 1,5% were purely electric. That presents a significant challenge to us. After 6 months of test rides in all kinds of conditions with Energica Eva Ribelle we have brought to Croatia, we are 100% positive choosing Energica for Croatian distribution was a good decision. Dedication and passion I have personally witnessed from everyone in Energica I have been in contact with, are rare in business and a guarantee that the brand will develop for years to come.

Damir Đerek, CEO INFIDEL D.O.O.

The Croatian market is likely to experience a significant jump in sales and as such Croatian electric vehicle owners, with projected increases in EV registrations of 47% by 2035.

The Croatian market is small but our expectations are high in terms of complete customer satisfaction for any Energica model sold here in the future; we are confident that INFIDEL D.O.O. will find the best way to be successful on the Croatian market  

Giacomo Leone, Energica Sales ROW Director