A selected group of Siemens customers took part in an exclusive Workshop focused on electric mobility held at Casa Energica, the headquarters of Energica Motor Company S.p.A.

It was an opportunity to further highlight the advantages that Siemens can give in the design and validation of e-mobility solutions combined with a world-wide excellence of two electric wheels.

This interesting Workshop addressed topics such as System simulation, Electronic cooling, Battery cooling and Thermal Runaway. In addition to the technical part proposed by Siemens, guests could visit the factory alongside a dedicated Energica team while witnessing a story that unfolded through the historic motorcycles of the Modena house, which in just a few years has managed to establish itself in markets around the world as a leading institution.

The Energica official tester Alessandro Brannetti illustrated some technical and innovative features that distinguish the electric “Proudly Made in Modena” motorcycles. This was a unique point of view, explained directly by those Energica designs and heads.