Modena, December 2023 – Energica Motor Company, leading company of high-performing electric motorcycle and system integration for EVs, signed a new commercial agreement in Spain.

Thanks to the new dealer Ride On, Energica Motorcycles will be available on sales in both Valencia and Madrid. In addition to these two new openings, a new service point will be available for Energica Owners in Barcelona – also managed by Ride On.

This is an amazing opportunity for the Modena brand which adds two strategic points for its market in Spain.

We chose Energica Motor because it is the best electric motorcycle brand in circulation. We believe we can create a great synergy with Energica and his team so that we can increase the electric culture in Spain.

Francisco Juliano, CEO Ride On.

Thanks to the Acuerdo Marco with the local institution, Ride On has been chosen by Spain as a potential supplier of electric motorcycles. Energica EsseEsse9 could be then chosen by the Royal House, the Military Police, the Local Police, the Civil Guard and the National Police.

It’s a real pleasure to introduce Ride On in our Energica Dealer Network. We are strongly convinced that there is a great opportunity for Energica to increase its presence in Spain with further opportunities in patrolling services 

Giacomo Leone, Energica Sales ROW Director.