Energica Motor Company got final official accreditation from NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) and US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certification.

This means that Energica Ego is a fully homologated electric sportbike ready to be legally sold in US.

Energica Motor Company informs the customers that the first batch of Ego production is almost fully booked, deliveries planned on 2015 Q3.

We invite the customers to consult our new catalog 2015 to find every kind of information about Energica Ego, from technical ones to customization possibilities. Priority will be given to Energica Ego45 reservations.

For more information about Energica Ego, optional lists and prices, customers can refer to the Energica dealer near them (the Dealer Locator is on our website).

The next batch of Energica Ego production will be delivered on 2015 Q4.