Energica Inside, the business unit of Energica Motor Company dedicated to developing innovative solutions for e-mobility, will provide its EVs technology to Nimbus, an historic Danish motorcycle brand produced from 1919 to 1960 by Fisker and Nielsen of Copenhagen. Nimbus will create a review of the historic Model C that, thanks to the support of Energica Inside, will be electric. 

Energica Inside is ready to help Nimbus achieve their climate goals and electrifying their product . Our solutions are built around Energica’s industry-leading, proven EV design, engineering and technology with a customized solution.

Carlo Iacovini, General Manager Energica Inside. 

Energica Inside engineers and designers performed a technical assessment of the project to validate the definitive powertrain specification. Energica Inside already has several ongoing projects in different sectors such as agriculture, maritime, aviation, racing and urban mobility. Technological innovation is Energica Inside’s key to achieving zero emissions from electric mobility. At Nimbus in Denmark they are happy about the agreement.

We find it excellent to combine the historic Danish motorcycle design with the superb Italian
powertrain technology from Energica”, express Chairman of the Board from Nimbus Motorcycles,

Ib Mogensen