Energica motorcycles continue to be chosen by law enforcement around the world!

Thanks to Energica’s Dutch importer Electric Motorcycles Nederland, the first Experia that will be used by THOR (Toezicht en Handhaving Openbare Ruimte) have arrived in Amsterdam. This will help making important steps towards full environmental sustainability for the whole fleet of the law enforcement institution.

The more-than-400km range is ideal for the duties of my team every day. Also, the falso charging ability from 0% to 80% in only 40 minutes is extremely important.

Hicham Khajjou, Team Leader

THOR is an institutional body tasked with guaranteeing safety and security within the city of Amsterdam.

Energica motorcycles have been chosen by as part of law enforcement fleets in many countries around the world like France, Indonesia, Barbados and many more. Among the reasons that lead law enforcement bodies to chose Energica are the immense torque and the quietness of the motor, which give a strategic advantage during patrolling duties. Energica is an excellent ally in the battle against climate change, as the high performance is combined with zero emissions.

We’re pround of providing our motorcycles to THOR, which will be the first institution in the Netherlands to use Energica Experia for patrolling duties. The high performance of Energica Experia will be available to the city of Amsterdam to ensure safety within Nederland’s capital city.

Giacomo Leone, Sales Director ROW Energica Motor Company