The development of the E-Power project continues incessantly. E-Power is an innovative power unit for urban electric mobility. The first prototypes of the full system are ready, and the verification and set-up stage has begun. In the next phases of the project a strong integration to simplify the installation of the unit on vehicles and therefore reduce costs.

Energica Motor Company, the Single Manufacturer of the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup until at least 2022, has just partaken in the season finale of the series at Le Mans, which was a thrilling and exciting one.
The strategic partnership with Dell’Orto started at the MotoGP venues: the Energica Ego Corsa machines, which are key protagonists in the series, are equipped with Dell’Orto’s data acquisition system DoDATA.

E-Power is the name of the project that ties the two companies: it is an innovative electric propulsion system for sustainable urban mobility.

The study, designing, simulation and components testing activities, which have continued incessantly also during the lockdown, have come to a close and testing of the complete system has begun at the test bench.

E-power is capable to cover power ranges from 2.5 to a peak of 15kW, with performances that equal a range from 50 to 125cc of traditional engines and a riding range that can extend beyond 100km.

E-power is capable of satisfy all the needs at urban level and can be recharged via home charging sockets, without the need of ad-hoc charging infrastructures.
The system developed by Dell’Orto and Energica distingues itself thanks to a strong integration that reduces the number of components and thus simplifies the system.

The control strategies of the system could make us of the decade of experience by Energica in the electric mobility sector (road and racing), and of almost 90 years of experience by Dell’Orto in motorcycling, and matches perfectly with Dell’Orto’s expert knowledge in small and mid-size industrial-scale applications.

Thanks to E-Power, E-Power, the Electric Motor Valley created by Energica in the Emilia territory, which was then exported first in Italy and then globally, dramatically extends its range from the high-performing segment to the urban one while answering to new market needs.

In this sense, the partnerships makes good use of Dell’Orto’s production, technical and marketing presence in key countries such as China and India, where two-wheel electric mobility is the ideal answer for moving around the congested Asian metropolises, but also in Europe, where lightweight mobility is spreading significantly.

This year, the partnership between Energica and Dell’Orto will extend further courtesy of the CEMP project, funded by the Lombardy Region and aiming at creating a “smart” propulsion system which meets environmental-friendly, safety and connectivity requirements, and that brings the projects on the strands of development of the current megatrends: electric mobility, connectivity and ADAS.