Nights ago we sustained significant damage to our racing equipment at the Jerez Circuit in Spain.

Investigations are currently being carried out by the local authorities.

We want to take this opportunity to thank YOU so much for your support, to thank the whole motorsport world, our suppliers, dealers, partners, media, friends and fans from all over the world.
We feel your embrace and we are thankful for this.
This setback does not stop our mission, as challenges ARE and ALWAYS will be part of our DNA.
As tenacious Italians of the Motor Valley we are hard at work ALREADY to bring this project forward – as we strongly believe in it.

The only thing that burns is our passion and we will do everything necessary to save this amazing world cup: Matteo, Jesko, Maria, Nicolas, Xavier, Eric, Bradley, Sete, Randy, Niki, Niccolo, Mike, Mattia, Lorenzo, Kenny, Josh, Hector, Alex, be ready, we’ll see you on track!