2016 – May 18th

The Energica Eva Cal 1 Tour has officially ended and as motorcycles production ramps up, the Italian manufacturer announces the very first Energica display hall opening in US, in San Francisco.

The “California dream” tour of Energica Eva has come to a close. Bill Levasseur, the rider of this adventure, crossed the beauties of the Californian territory, from Santa Monica, to Long Beach, from the Bixby Bridge to the Golden Gate.

He rode 450 miles with 9 fast charging stops, taking 23 minutes average each. Thanks to the on board fast charge and the ChargePoint Network, Bill was able to enjoy an exciting and unconventional journey on the Energica Eva, without any range anxiety.

“It’s such a joy to ride!”, he said arriving in San Francisco.

During the trip, Bill joined the Quail Ride riding in Laguna Seca track and stopped at the Quail Motorcycle Gathering, the main Carmel motorcycle event.

The electric heart of Energica Eva won everyone over!

The US experience of Energica continues as this summer the electric motorcycles maker will open Galleria Energica.

Energica’s display hall will open in San Francisco, at 53 Page Street

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