Four years have gone by since the inception of the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup, and a couple more since the whole project began. As the single manufacturer for the past four years of MotoE competition, Energica has devoted colossal effort to bring the sustainability and excitement of electric motorcycling to the grandest stage of two-wheeled racing, working against the clock to deliver a racing-oriented bike based on its road-going counterpart, the Ego.

The Ego Corsa showed the world how exciting and compelling electric motorcycle racing can be, and it defied any preconceptions that may have crossed the minds of the talented riders partaking in the series. Since day one they realised that it was indeed a fully fledged, state-of-the-art motorcycle and that it was ready to take some of the best racetracks in the world by storm. Through the years, MotoE racing has more often than not been the scene-stealer, delivering thrilling battles from the start to the chequered flag.

Behind the scenes, Energica worked hard in conjunction with the series organisers and its other technical partners to maintain and improve the level of technology and competition, while developing synergies that went far beyond the racetracks as well. At the headquarters in Modena, Italy, each and every one went out of their way to ensure that everything was on schedule, smooth and every bit as good as expected.

Vision, courage, commitment, planning and effort are all key ingredients in writing a new chapter. No matter the level of involvement of each person in this project, no matter what we were asked to do, not only did we do it, but we excelled and even exceeded expectations. We will all make wonderful use of what we have learned throughout this exciting journey and be ready for what is to come.

And last, but not least, we were delighted to share one more incredible moment together, as the Energica family line up on the Misano grid with the three riders who brought our Energica Ego Corsa to the top of the world.

Now it is time for new beginnings, starting with a celebration of Energica and everyone involved in the ongoing electric revolution – the 2022 Energica Week.

From the bottom of our (electric) hearts, thank you!