Milan, 2016, Nov. 8th

For the 6th consecutive year Energica brings its state-of-the-art products to EICMA, the world’s most important event in motorcycle industry. The Italian manufacturer of high-performing electric motorcycles is playing a key role on the “passionate” two-wheeler market.
In this last year Energica took a decisive ramp up with the IPO listing to Milan stock exchange and beginning of industrial production.
Our business idea is deeply rooted in the well-known Italian Motor Valley, the land of extraordinary and visionary entrepreneurs, including my father.” Said Livia Cevolini, CEO Energica Motor Company.
Having a long history behind us has been a great incentive to make ourselves history. Our path is inspired by current automotive trends. We hope to be an inspiration to the whole motorcycle world as well“.

At Eicma 2016 Energica shows 6 motorcycles from company’s models range and a new prototype, EsseEsse9.

Ego – Eva: Lunar White new color and Italian Flag customization

Eva, the newborn electric streetfighter, adds a new color to its range: the futuristic Lunar White (combined at Eicma with Electric Green and Dark Blue). Ego, the electric sportbike, adds the same color as well, and unveils a new feature: Italian Flag, a  tricolor customization available upon request.

EsseEsse9 concept: the pioneering innovation

During these years Energica technical team has been capable to create a new field inside automotive market: the electric supersport and high-performing motorcycle segment.
We have focused on high quality raw materials and designed ex novo state-of-the-art engineering solutions to ensure our customers a premium line of electric bikes“. Said Giampiero Testoni, CTO Energica Motor Company.
In recent months we optimized our main models for industrial production and we continued to work on a third model that will be launched in 2018“.
At EICMA 2016, the company has therefore unveiled a new concept, an evolution of design and technologies.
With this new project we wanted to present a prototype completely different. We decided to discover our bike revealing what we have always hidden, the technical components“. Continued Testoni.
The new prototype has been called EsseEsse9, as the real name of Via Emilia, the major road that crosses the Italian Motor Valley.
EsseEsse9 approaches the old- school branch of motorcycles as it’s an essential prototype: a concept that encloses the genuine engines passion typical of our region.
We melded the future of mobility with the precious tradition of our land, crossed by a road that is called EsseEsse9. We’ve been inspired by the irregular blocks of stones of this route in the choice of tires“. Said Paolo Iemmi, Designer Energica.
The intention was therefore to create a passionate, but above all a heartful motorcycle. Even the choice of materials was audacious: the structural aluminum machined plates and folded, riveted and anodized aluminum sheets, are completely unveiled.
The design and function are combined“.

The heart of Energica motorcycles: the battery case

Thanks to EsseEsse9 people at Eicma will see up close the real heart of Energica motorcycles, the battery case.
For the first time the Italian manufacturer reveals the technical component that contains entirely the rechargeable batteries, sealing them in-house.

Energica battery case has a pending patent. Usually the batteries, contained in this component, warm up: the produced heat dissipates only minimally.
Therefore, the batteries contained in the case are subjected to overheating, which would greatly reduce the life cycle.

Energica battery case has been designed to avoid this overheating. The case visible on EsseEsse9 includes a cooling plate made of aluminum and provided with several through holes that communicate outside and cross the cooling plate.
The two cooling half battery case and the central cooling section are an excellent example of the advanced mechanics skills developed thanks to the experience of CRP Group in motorsport and other high-performing fields, that require state-of-the-art technology.