Energica has decided to create the E-Mobility Academy together with Randstad Italia – a training project aimed at young people for their entry into employment.

What prompted the Modena-based company to promote the E-Mobility Academy is the fact that Energica strongly believes in the potential of the new generations and that skills are a key requirement for the E-Mobility job market.

The electric-mobility sector is growing strongly, as highlighted by the incredible results of the Modenese brand. In order for this to continue to growing, it is important to train new staff so that they can be ready as soon as possible and become part of the electric revolution.

The E-Mobility Academy will take place from Monday 11 October to Friday 29 October in Modena at various locations and includes theoretical and practical activities that will be held in the classroom, at dedicated laboratories and at the Energica headquarters in via Scarlatti 20, Soliera.

The course, completely free, was created with the aim of training young technicians searching for their first work experience – who want to acquire essential skills for the labour market of tomorrow.

Speaking of electric mobility as a future prospect and a distant reality is not correct. Laudable examples such as Energica show every day that the electric revolution is already underway. With the E-Mobility Academy Energica and Randstad want to help the new generations to be immediately ready to join of the electric revolution.

The ultimate goal of this project is, in fact, the employment of mechanics and electrical engineers in the world of electric mobility. With this initiative, which is part of the #StayChargeEDU project in which the Modena company promotes the culture of electric mobility, Energica shows once again the level attention paid to the new generations and the importance that training has in the EV transition.