#EW2021 the seven-day celebration hosted yesterday the #StayChargedEDU initiative! Student and Energica employees’ families were the main guests! At the morning, the CTO Giampiero Testoni gave a lesson, with Energica engineers, to twenty student of Moto Student and Formula Student Hybrid from Automotive Learning by Doing UniMore. The Director Carlo Alberto Rinaldini said: “the event was appreciated by the team members both for the notions provided and for the overview that was given. See the application of the technical contents displayed directly on the motorcycles was also much appreciated”. Giampiero Testoni, CTO Energica Motor Company S.p.A., said: “Culture is important for our future. For this reason educate the new generation is a part of our mission”.

Our StayChargedEDU initiative keeps going in the afternoon with the next generation of riders! The cultural heritage for a better and increasingly green world must be one of our educational milestones for the new generations. We strongly believe in it!

EW2021 is not finish yet. Stay Tuned!