Energica has signed a new partnership agreement with Sartoria Messori for the two-year period 2021/2022.
Excellence in their products and strong connection with the territory are only two of the many key values that the two Modena-based companies have in common, with also environmental sustainability and focus on R&D being on top of Messori and Energica Motor Company S.p.A’s agendas.
The handmade tailored suits designed by Sartoria Messori are made using natural fibres, so that their end-products are perfectly in line with environmental and social criteria.

“We work only with natural fibres. We work this materials in a slow and attentive process by highly-skilled Italian experts; we strive for exemplary quality in our products and going in a very different direction than mass production, which can be harmful for the environment. – Says Gianmarco Messori, CEO Sartoria Messori.

Energica Motor Company S.p.A is the first Italian manufacturer of premium, high-performing, electric motorcycles. Energica was funded to give motorcyclists a valid, exciting and environmentally sustainable alternative to traditional internal combustion motorcycles. In order to achieve this goal, Energica has focused on technological innovation.

“In our commitment towards playing a leading role towards a full transition to electric mobility globally, we have focused our efforts to technological innovation. This way, we are estabilisihing ourselves, day after day, as the leaders in the high-performing electric motorcycling sector.” – Says Livia Cevolini, CEO Energica Motor Company S.p.A.

Thanks to the partnership between Messori and Energica, fashion, style, speed and green meet on the Via Emilia and in the Italian Motor Valley.