Almost 70% increase in 2022 vs. 2021 on a global basis

● Pre-Sale Deposits: Orders for Experia Green Tourer climb to 55% of all 2022 Energica sales volume, guaranteeing strong start for 2023 as production ramps up.

● EMEA and APAC volumes: Are up +37% vs. 2021, orders for all models are up +70%. 

● U.S. volumes: Up 100% as dealer network grows from 11 to 25 sales points in 2022. 

● Global Revenue: Company revenue from worldwide Energica motorcycle sales is 67% in 2022 vs. the previous year.

● Further growth of Asia-Pacific region with intro high-value Japanese, and Australian markets reached a total of 107 sales points in EMEA-APAC within 2022. Energica global network now totals 135 outlets and will expand further in 2023.

Energica Inside Development: new projects and partnerships for battery and powertrain development for multiple applications.

Energica Police Fleet: Ongoing international demand from police forces thanks to G20 Bali Summit involvement with 88 Energica bikes as escort motorcycles.

● Warranty Extension: Extended battery warranty to 5 years announced as option for all new 2023MY motorcycles beginning on January 1, 2023.

Energica has reviewed 2022 turnover estimates which show unit sales up approximately +52% and motorcycle revenues +67% compared to the same period of 2021 as well as a very substantial increase in Pre-Sale Orders across the product range, especially for the new Experia sport-tourer.

Thanks to the great work and significant investments made with the support of our main shareholder Ideanomics – key to our development – the estimates of 2022 confirm Energica to be among the leaders of the EV market.

“This significant increase was achieved courtesy of the great feedback received in the first half of the year with the launch of the new model Experia. the world’s first purpose-built electric touring bike, which is rewriting the rules of two-wheeled electric mobility.

“Our range of vehicles are recognized both by our customers and by other companies as the best in terms of reliability, therefore the products to “beat” for our competitors. The Energica team has a unique know-how in extremely complex electric automotive engineering, enabling all high voltage battery engineering to be performed in-house. Software, firmware, hardware, and style engineering are also conducted in-house. These are precisely the reasons why Energica owners choose our products and why other EV companies are relying on us for their innovative projects through Energica inside”.

Livia Cevolini, CEO of Energica Motor Company

Energica’s management believe that the positive trend in sales and revenue can be confirmed in the upcoming year, following also the introduction of the new business unit Energica Inside, dedicated to the development of innovative solutions for e-mobility, and the further growth of the dealer network that now reaches 135 sales points worldwide.

Born on the premise of taking advantage of a decade of EVs expertise, Energica Inside signed new commercial agreements with international OEM leaders: Solectrac, the U.S. leading electric tractor manufacturer, is among them and others are already in the pipeline.

In EMEA and Asia Pacific, Energica added 33 new sales points and in the U.S. 15 points of sale in 2022. January 2023 brings the total of Energica dealers and importers to 135 locations. Further expansion in worldwide markets is planned for 2023.  Furthermore, the first batch of Energica motorcycles will reach the Japanese and Australian markets in Q1 2023.

The significant order and delivery of 88 Energica EsseEsse9+ motorcycles for the Indonesian National Police during the G20 Bali Summit in turn inspired great interest from national and local authorities in Asia, Europe and the United States.  The new Experia sport-touring bike is seen as ideal for police use, thanks to its superior weather protection, low-speed handling and the fact that it enjoys the longest range of any electric motorcycle. The Experia for police use was launched last November during the international Eicma exhibition in Milan alongside new equipment options for riders – Sport Pack, City Pack, Touring Pack – to add to the Experia base version.  The company also announced an option many riders have requested – an extended 5-year warranty for the battery, starting with 2023MY units on January 1, 2023.

Despite the very challenging global business environment, the Energica company’s strong and consistent growth trend reflects the sustainable scale of electrification in both the automotive and motorcycle markets. The contribution of Experia model was particularly strong in EMEA area with over 80% new orders collected.

The strong order book received from the sales network and from pre-sale customers, up 70% from the year before, has also highlighted the need for expanding the Soliera facility of the Italian manufacturer.

The company has recently doubled the headquarters footprint, as well as investing in automation, and scaling an adjoining building into the existing facilities to expand and accelerate the manufacturing process.  To go with these physical changes, new hiring has kept pace, with a 44% increase in skilled manpower and production staff through Q3 2022.