Global Charging Compatibility

Making all your Cannonball dreams come true.

Most experts agree that the wide-spread adoption of electric vehicles will be essential.

Electric is a vital component among the complex measures taken to mitigate the effects of climate change, congestion, and urban pollution.  In turn, easy availability of quick charging at numerous and convenient locations is necessary before consumers can accept electric vehicles on a scale large enough to meet global objectives.

For electric motorcycles this challenge is even more acute, because smaller batteries accommodated in motorcycle frames translate to shorter ranges and slower charging than other EV’s enjoy.

We are therefore in a technology race where electric motorcycles strive to catch up to the sophistication and capabilities of their larger four-wheeled cousins.  In this race, not only the physical or mechanical attributes of the vehicle but electronics and battery design play a critical role.

The world’s first DC Fast Charge on two wheels

Energica Motor Company is well-known as the Italian manufacturer of the most advanced electric motorcycles available for public roads.

Our motorcycles feature the largest battery capacity (21.5 kWh or 22.5 kWh, depending on model) with the highest sustained power and torque, the longest range @ 130 miles highway plus the fastest charging thanks to uniquely providing riders with all three levels as standard: Level 1 (110v), Level 2 (240v) and DC Fast Charge. 

The latter capability allows for a 0-80% charge within 40 minutes and again uniquely is available in both U.S. and European CCS Combo J1772 and CHAdeMO configurations. 

In fact, Energica is first electric motorcycle ever to come equipped with DC Fast Charge.

Convenience is important, but compatibility is key

A second barrier to EV adoption goes beyond sheer number of DC Fast Chargers.

Vehicle-to-charger interface issues may render that charger useless for the customer.  Numerous press articles and anecdotal reports to this effect are verified by the noted J.D. Power June 2023 EVC (Electric Vehicle Consideration StudySM) and EVX (Electric Vehicle Experience) Study.  These emphatically state that charger frequency and reliability are the biggest gripes of new EV buyers.

The solution is frequent close cooperation between vehicle OEMs and charger providers to iron out disparities in software compatibility, necessitating new vehicle firmware updates to keep up with charging hardware or software evolution.

This Energica has done, along with other improvements, with release of FW43 for all EGO+, EVA Ribelle and EsseEsse9+ with the 21.5 kWh battery as well as the Experia. 

A global commitment to our riders.

No other motorcycle company has the expertise in working with charging solutions and networks on a global basis.

Ever since Energica entered the U.S. market in 2017, our motorcycles have been the choice of long-distance riders, and even more so after the 2020 introduction of the 21.5 kWh battery and EMCE motor.

We serve avid riders all over North America via a network of 23 Energica dealers in California, Florida, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin.

Electric Cannonball Runs crisscross America

As well as everyday adventures, Energica owners in the U.S. have completed two successful Electric Cannonball Runs across the country.

These have resulted in records that as of October 2023, still stand: the 2,439.4-mile southern route from San Diego CA to Jacksonville FL completed by EGO+ RS rider Daren Sorenson in 76 hrs., 8 min. on April 9, 2022; and the 2,906-mile northern route from L.A. to NYC finished in just 95 hrs. by EVA Ribelle RS rider Steven Day on April 22, 2022 – Earth Day.

With owners such as these, every evolution in charging technology is a step forward to beating their own records but also in inspiring more internal combustion engine devotees to make the switch to electric.

Energica Garage – Charging – Charging basics

For more on charging Energica motorcycles, you can access the following “How to Charge” videos on Energica Garage.  Note that these are for our Legacy bikes (EGO+, EVA Ribelle and EsseEsse9+) but the process is very similar for the Energica Experia.