Energica Ego+

From the very beginning, the highest performing electric
motorcycle in the world: for road, race, or in between.

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The world is turning to electric. But you can still have fun, lots and lots of fun.

Still the world’s most powerful and advanced electric motorcycle that gives IC liter bikes a run for their money. Without emissions.

The Energica EGO burst on the scene at EICMA in 2013. It was then a culmination of years of electric racing competition, with numerous victories including the 2010 European Championship during the first zero-carbon TTXGP competition and runner-up for the 2011 TTXGP World Championship.

In 2018 Dorna selected Energica to be single manufacturer for the FIM Enel MotoE™ World Cup, a role the company fulfilled until the end of the 2022 season. These all-electric races at iconic MotoGP circuits all over Europe feature 12 international teams, fielding 18 race pilots on identically prepared EGO Corsa racing machines. As a result, we acquired four additional years of intensive technical development at the highest possible level for performance and sophistication of any electric motorcycle in the world.

At EICMA in 2019 we launched our 21.5 kWh battery platform to the public, adding to our original and unique features of superb power, top speed and DC Fast Charging with the longest range of any electric motorcycle you can buy. The ”RS Version” upped the ante with even better acceleration than ever before.

With the EMCE motor and inverter we did it again – adding not only power but 10% range at higher speeds, and the 2024 version of the EGO+ features improved torque at 164 lb. ft. and 171 sustained horsepower.

Performance Best performance ever

With an impressive acceleration ranging from 0 to 60 mph in 2.6 seconds and a maximum speed limited to 150 mph, the flagship of the Energica brand is pure adrenaline.

Racing Pure fun from racing to the road

The vast experience and know-how we acquired in the racing world live under the sport fairings of Ego, the bike from which the Ego Corsa of the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup championship was developed.

Electric Road to electric: patented technology

Over 10 years of experience gained in the world of high- performance electric motorcycles ensures a vehicle with unmatched reliability. Energica boasts international patents regarding the VCU – Vehicle Control Unit, braking system and battery pack: tangible proofs of our expertise.

The special versions

Energica Ego Tricolore

Tricolore is a tribute to Italy, its passionate resilience and heritage of creativity, rendered in full Energica style.

Green, white and red are the national colors, enhancing the fairings and the flowing lines of this special bike. Elegant yet powerful, this is the new flagship of the Energica brand.

The EMCE engine, also standard on the Energica Ego Tricolore, is lighter and has a lower center of gravity to ensure greater agility, with higher peak performance, greater range, especially at higher speeds, and substantially shorter maintenance intervals.

Energica Ego+ RS

The RS Version provides more off-the-line acceleration for fanatics who thought 2.8 seconds at 0-60 mph was too slow, thanks to a redesigned VCU and final drive, shaving two-tenths of a second off your start time.

Considering the extraordinary performance of the existing Energica line-up it might seem unnecessary, even absurd, to go further still. Nevertheless we’ve received numerous requests from worshippers of the God of Speed and naturally we’ve obliged our fans.

The EGO+ RS Version is engineered with software changes to the Vehicle Control Unit and a modified drive train allowing improved acceleration from 0-60 mph of more than two-tenths of a second and additional increases in velocity all the way to the top speed of 150 mph.

To handle this additional power the final drive chain has been beefed up.

RS Decals on the lower fairing indicate that this EGO+ is something special.

We’ve never rested on our laurels but will continue to widen the gap, as evidenced by our new EMCE motor and inverter announced this summer.

The new EMCE motor and inverter are 22 lbs. lighter than in the previous model,yet pumps out up to 171 peak horsepower; increases range from 5% to 10% according to riding style with a maximum of 261 City miles; and substantially reduces maintenance with service intervals stretching from 6,000 miles at present to 18,600 miles or 28,000 miles – three to four times less than before.

Energica Ego+

171 hp (126 kw)
164 lb. ft. (222 Nm)
Max speed
150 mph
0-60 mph 2.8 sec.
261 miles City
130 miles Highway

Energica Ego RS

171 hp (126 kw)
164 lb.ft. (222 Nm)
Max speed
150 mph
0-60 mph 2.6 sec.
261 miles
130 miles Highway

Technical sheet

This data sheet is provided for reference only.
Energica Motor Company reserves the right to substitute or change components.
Technical features under development may change or be implemented after vehicle purchasing with no additional costs.

*Starting from the date of the motorcycle’s first registration.

Kit corsa clienti

For racers and serious track day enthusiasts, Energica offers a special Kit Corsa Clienti specifically studied and developed for the Energica EGO+ and EGO+ RS.

The Kit Corsa Clienti is dedicated to the most demanding customers who wish to convert the Energica EGO production model into a bike ready for the racetrack; with electronic, suspension and running gear features derived from FIM Enel MotoE™ World Cup competition motorcycles. The Kit Corsa Clienti components are developed and tested on track by Energica Team developers and test riders and famous racers around the world. Braking system and suspension are derived from the racing world to guarantee maximum performance, handling and reliability.
Thanks to specific Battery Management System firmware and new Control Unit firmware, this special KCC setting optimizes the riding experience on racetrack, in order to maintain a more homogeneous behavior of the motorcycle between discharging of the battery pack and performance.

Details of the Kit Corsa Clienti Kit are shown below. Please note that the Kit Corsa Clienti is strictly for track use, and motorcycles so equipped will not be appropriate for use on public roads.