Energica for Police

A ‘green’ support to patrolling

Energica has personalised the EsseEsse9+ model for law enforcement, thus giving a ‘green’ support to patrolling.

Energica motorcycles offer incredible perks compared to internal-combustion motorbikes.
The bike by the Modena-based electric manufacturer is quiet, offers an incredible torque from the get-go and is obviously carbon-neutral.
The reduce costs in terms of consumption and maintenance make the law enforcement-customised model a high-performance motorcycle with plenty of advantages in terms of management costs.

Why choose the law enforcement Energica motorcycle

Noiselessness and torque give an invaluable strategic advantage while patrolling.
Law enforcement motorcyles often have to make their way through highly polluted urban scenarios
Energica is the 0 emission high performed motocycles and therefore a winning and essential ally in the battle against climate change.

Advantages The strategic advantages brought by Energica

  • Quiet and instant torque
  • No gears
  • Extremely quiet idle that is ideal for patrolling
  • Reduction of both air and noise pollution
  • Chance to make the most of surprise effect in special actions that need absolute silence
  • Contribution to commitment towards environmental sustainability of law enforcement

Equipments The following equipment is customizable

  • Lateral soft or hard bag
  • Tail Box
  • Engine guard
  • Siren sound
  • Central stand (currently being defined)
  • Livery
  • Flashing lights

Technical sheet

790 mm / 31,1″
1465 mm / 57,7”
2140 mm / 84,2”
870 mm / 34,25”
1152 mm / 45,35″ (mirrors not included)
EsseEsse9+/RS 260 kg (573 lbs.) (EMCE)