Energica continues its growth thanks to the increase in the number of resellers and workforce while doubling the size of its headquarters.

In such a challenging year like 2020, Energica has witnessed a sales growth by 91% which has been followed by a further increase in the first half of 2021.

This is the result of a commercial strategy aiming at selecting strategic dealers all around the world. Following this trend, on June 28th Energica Motor Company S.p.A. has extended its presence in Swedish market thanks to ProBike Sverige AB, a new dealer from Täby, which also serves as a coordinating hub with the other offices in Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö.

This new partnership further tightens the already impressive North European network, following the trend that sees Sweden inside the top ten “most-selling EV markets” since 2015 (Bilsweden).

With the arrival of ProBike Sverige AB, Energica has nearly 90 dealers around the world. Energica’s commercial strategy is not the only reason behind the brand’s current success. The high level of engineering behind every Energica motorcycle is highly appreciated by Energica customers. It is also worth mentioning the introduction of new EMCE motor – built in co-engineering with Mavel – which was very well received among the insiders.

Energica’s growth also involved the workforce sector which has witnessed a 17% increase in the last six months. This was possible thanks to the #HumanCharge campaign, which aims at improving corporate welfare and recruiting new professional figures to be added to the current staff.
The sales growth has also led to a considerable increase with regards to production and staff. This is the reason behind the decision by Energica to double the size of its headquarters. On July 2, Energica began the acquisition process of the properties in via Scarlatti n.20 and n.10.

Energica will add the Via Scarlatti n.10 headquarters in 2022, with office and production areas twice as big compared to the current layout only. The roofs of both buildings will be equipped with solar panels.
This way, Energica will be able to exploit energy from renewable sources and therefore further strengthen its sustainable identity, which has always been a key value of the Energica brand.