Energica annouced the dates for Energica Week 2022 are confirmed for September 5 – 9, 2022. This annual get together of the Energica community was born in 2021 but has already laid the foundations to become a main event for the entire circle of #EnergicaOwners present all over the world.

Throughout the week of Energica Week, various activities will be organized to celebrate the Italian company’s brand and its community that has embraced a strong belief in an electric future: customers, dealers, students, investors and business partners

The week-long festivities will begin with a ribbon cutting on Monday September 5 at Energica Headquarter in the heart of the Italian Motor Vallley, together with our majority shareholder Ideanomics, Energica board, government representatives and Energica business partners and sponsors. During this inaugural day, all the guests will have the unique opportunity to preview the new spaces of the Energica headquarters. The Modena-based company is doubling its headquarters to expand the production area and offices. With almost 8.000 sqm, the new factory will be twice as big compared to the current layout facility.

Energica this year will be celebrating expediential growth thanks to the influx of expertise and resources from IDEX in virtually every area: sales, new dealers, market development and factory and workforce expansion.  The rapid buildup throughout this year presages far greater  opportunity particularly with the launch of the new Experia electric green tourer motorcycle this summer, a wholly new bottom-up design that has been universally acclaimed by the international motorcycle press.

Further development in both US and ROW market

For the U.S. market:

  • New dealer agreements expanding U.S. network from 14 to 25 dealers, including nine new states: Colorado, Hawaii, New Jersey, New Mexico, Utah and Washington State. 
  • Retail sales YTD running at five times the level sold the previous year.
  • Pre-Sale Deposits received for over two month’s worth of Experia production.

For ROW markets:

  • Expansion to 95 dealers, including intensification in existing key markets France, Germany and UK and entry into wholly new markets including Australia, Eastern Europe, Portugal, and even Pakistan and Nepal
  • Retail sales increase 104% YTD compared to the previous year with an additional two month’s production for the Experia spoken for by customer orders.
  • Many contacts by authorities of various governments in Europe and Asia to develop Energica bikes fleets; with the Experia to come it will be an obvious sector for future sales growth.

One of the main factors of this growth is certainly Energica Inside, which will be committed to the development of new technologies for powertrain components and modular powertrain systems for road, sea and aerial transport applications, and also for specific industrial uses. Energica has become a point of reference first with high-performance vehicles and now with the supply of modular components and power units, to provide system integration for EVs.

The revolution of Energica electric hub is becoming a driving force for a new generation of OEMs, and that is what the Energica Week wants to celebrate.

EW2022 activities

The remaining week’s activities will include:

–  Wednesday, September 7 #StayChargedEDU – Education and innovation are Energica guidelines and greatest legacy to the world. The second day of Energica week will be dedicated to the #StayChargedEDU initiative, the company’s plan to educate and engage the new generation to the electric mobility. Schools and universtities will meet the Energica technical department for a joint discussion on projects and ideas.

September 8/9 – . #EnergicaOwners Gathering – . The Energica riders gathering will be held in Modena racetrack that will welcome all the #EnergicaOwners for several activities both in&out track.

15 skilled riders will have the opportunity to train on genuine MotoE Ego Corsa race motorcycles inside the Energica Academy format event, while other owners will test the newborn Green Tourer model Experia launched last May. Collateral activities will follow to ensure a fully “Energica Experience” to all the Energica owners.

Celebrate the Energica revolution from 5 to 9 Sept with the Energica Week.

#EW22 The Future Is Electric

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