Team Tytlers Cycle Racing and Stefano Mesa are ready for rounds five and six of the 2023 Super Hooligan National Championship, taking place this weekend at the WeatherTech Laguna Seca Raceway in Northern California. The 2.2-mile rollercoaster is among the most spectacular racetracks in the world and in almost every rider’s top three when it comes to favourite venues around the world.

This round is the ultimate proof of the ever-rising popularity of the series, which is quickly become one of the must-watch categories in motorcycle racing: the entry list for Laguna Seca is jaw-dropping, with a staggering overall number of participants (46!).

If we turn the clock back to one year ago, there was indeed an Energica motorcycle on track at Laguna Seca, that time being a road-going spec Eva Ribelle, ridden by Mesa and ran by Tytlers Cycle Racing. It was more than a test back then, and it showed very promising signs, with Stefano making it into the top-15 and at times battling for the top six for most of the encounter, much to the surprise of insiders and motorcycle enthusiasts.

This time around, expectations are undeniably higher: this year’s Eva Ribelle RS is equipped with the Kit Corsa Clienti, which adds to the already incredible capabilities of the base motorcycle. The results so far speak for themselves: the bike has so far never crossed the chequered flag in a race below P7, which is even more outstanding given the fact that this is indeed the bike’s debut season in a series where the Ribelle is the only EV out there on a full-time basis.

The bike is very recognizable on track, not only because of its fighter jet sound but also due to the new PETRONAS livery sporting the Malaysian company’s iconic green. The two companies have recently signed a partnership agreement which link them at many levels, with PETRONAS iona being the brand in full display on the #137 machine (iona is the range of fluids designed by PETRONAS for new energy vehicles).

Will the Eva Ribelle RS tame the infamous corkscrew and the elevation changes of Laguna Seca? You will be able to see it for yourself, as the Super Hooligan National Championship races are live on MotoAmerica’s Facebook and YouTube channels, a very welcome change in a world of a thousand subscriptions. All you need to do is turn on your device and enjoy the show.

TV schedule (all times EST, GMT -4)

Race 1 – Saturday 8 July – 4:30pm

Race 2 – Sunday 9 July – 4:00pm

All races to be streamed live on MotoAmerica’s Facebook and YouTube pages

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