Energica Motor Company, leading company of high-performing electric motorcycle and system integration for EVs, has started the third phase of its facility expansion in Modena, Italy.

Energica will add a new 1.150 square meter facility dedicated to Energica Inside, research and development, and prototype development and testing.

“From the beginning, Energica has been a crucial leader in Italy regarding EV recruitment and innovation,” says Livia Cevolini, CEO of Energica Motor Company. “Our reputation and know-how enables Energica to attract talented people from around the world who often choose to stay and build their career with us. We look forward to growing our facility, expanding our staff, and welcoming new people ready to make EV history.”

Energica Inside is ready to help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in their EV transition and bring new products to market quickly and affordably. The business unit has several new projects underway in agriculture, marine and aviation and urban mobility. Its new facility will allow Energica Inside to take on even more projects, all built around Energica’s industry-leading design, engineering and technology.

At Energica’s research and development center, the company’s expert teams continue progressing on the design and implementation of advanced EV technologies with the support of Ideanomics.

Energica is also making progress on expanding its manufacturing and assembly facilities, including a target for automation which will allow the electric motorcycle manufacturer to deliver on increased market demand.