Energica announces a brand-new partnership agreement with QiOn.

Under the terms of the agreement, QiOn is Official Racing Partners of Energica Racing America 2023 Super Hooligan National Championship by MotoAmerica. QiOn is a US-based company with a global-first approach to electric vehicle charging. With facilities in the USA, Mexico, Italy, Czech Republic, Hong Kong and China, QiOn is committed to deliver mega fast chargers for land, air and sea mobility systems around the world, in order to make the full transition to electric a closer reality.

With a history of involvement in both Formula 1 and Formula E racing, QiOn’s team members are currently involved in racing across several championships and with a broad spectrum of vehicles, from cars and trucks to motorcycles. Racing technologies are part of QiOn’s DNA.

We’re glad to add QiOn among our partners. Energica is always looking for further challenges always useful to bring forward the development path of the company. Among others it is certainly crucial our involvement in the Roland Sand Design’s Super Hooligan National Championship, part of the MotoAmerica series where Energica is the only electric to compete alongside other ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) players for the full season

Stefano Benatti, Energica Motor Company INC CEO

For the 2023 period, the goal of the two parties will be to get a full understanding of what is needed to implement fast and reliable charging in Racing, which is for Qion a challenge that embraces with enthusiasm and utmost commitment. QiOn’s next-generation DC charging systems are unique in their modular design, which allows the company to deliver the right charger for the application. The next event of the 2023 Super Hooligan National Championship calendar will take place on July 7-9 at the WeatherTech Laguna Seca Raceway in Northern California

See you trackside at MotoAmerica!

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