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SPECIAL PROGRAMS The 90% Buy-Back Program.

Ride for a year, trade-in your Energica at 90% of your purchase price!

It’s like a 6,214-mile test ride.

Buy any of our models (EGO+, EVA Ribelle, Eva Ribelle RS or EsseEsse9+) through January 31st, 2024. We’ll guarantee your trade-in value equal to 90% of the original purchase price to put against any new Energica motorcycle! 

Sounds too good to be true?  Let us tell you more.

After a year riding your new Energica motorcycle, you have a simple choice.  Either keep it or opt to trade it in for any new Energica motorcycle, including 2024MY models.  The beauty of this Program is that normally the minute you ride off a dealers’ parking lot, any bike whether Electric or ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) loses 20% of it’s value, with depreciation continuing at a rate of at least 10% per year, even if the motorcycle is in perfect condition otherwise.

Why are we offering this Program? 

We are trying to take some of the guesswork out of buying electric, especially for the first time.

Many are dead certain that the next big innovation in electric is right around the corner, so are reluctant to leap from their ICE bike right now.  Some speed demons can’t decide between an aggressive sport bike like the EGO+ over a more upright E-Fighter like the EVA Ribelle RS since the two have the exact same torque and power.  Finally, mileage-eaters impatiently waiting for the Experia can now opt for another bike very suitable for cross-country jaunts, like the EsseEsse9+ and then switch to the Experia when more of them are finally available. 

Commitment Phobia?  We have you covered.

For all of these riders, the 90% Buy-Back Program makes it possible to switch out from their initial purchase and upgrade to a completely new Energica with a trade-in value at least 20% higher than it would otherwise be.  Ultimately, our idea is to convert more avid motorcyclists by providing as much selection and flexibility to them as possible.

The 3-Step 90% Buy-Back Program.

  1. Buy any of our new or demo, unregistered Legacy bikes (EGO+, EVA Ribelle or EsseEsse9+, but not the Experia) before February 1, 2024.
  2. Ride for a year (366 days) up to 14 months (428 days) from the date you registered your bike.
  3. Bring your bike to an Energica dealer for a trade-in evaluation to get your 90% Buy-Back towards any new Energica motorcycle model offered at that time.

What are the rules for the 90% Buy-Back Program?

•You can request to activate the Program provisions after 1-year and 1-day from your registration date until the beginning of the 14th. Month.

•To be approved, the motorcycle must have no more than 10,000 km / 6,214 miles on the clock, be in excellent condition, have complied with scheduled maintenance intervals, and be evaluated both aesthetically and functionally by an Energica dealer.  The battery especially must have been properly cared for and charged.  If your Energica does not meet the criteria stated above, the dealer has the option to offer you a lower trade-in value.

•The Program offer is valid only on new or demo, unregistered EGO+, EVA Ribelle and EsseEsse9+ models sold between the Promotion announcement date on July 1, 2023 and the extended Promotion end date of January 31, 2024.  (Used bikes that have been previously registered, even if sold by an Energica dealer, do not qualify; nor does the Experia.)

•You must be the original buyer and have the papers and receipts to prove it, also indicating the original price paid.

•No cash equivalent will be provided.

How does the calculation work?

•You’ll need to bring in your Proof of Sale or Dealer Invoices with the price you paid for your Energica motorcycle indicated, your registration card and state driver’s license to prove ownership and that you were the original buyer.

•If approved after inspection of your Energica motorcycle, the Energica dealer will trade-in for 90% of your original Energica motorcycle purchase price including Energica options or accessories, but minus taxes, dealer fees, registration, etc.

•Example:  EVA Ribelle MSRP is $23,800.  If approved under the 90% Buy-Back Program your trade-in value will be $21,420.  You will be riding from 12-14 months with a total depreciation of $2,380 = less than $200/month.

•Considering any new motorcycle, whether ICE or electric, loses 20% of value the second you ride it off the lot and another 10% of value for each year or portion of a year, this is a pretty amazing deal, if we say so ourselves.

Enjoy your Energica journey and have a safe ride.

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