Energica expands the universe of riding!

From November 17 to 18 get ready for a full electric weekend in Valencia with the Energica bikes.

Energica has partnered with Pirelli and Enel X for a great Spanish riding experience to celebrate the electrical revolution already under way.
Road to Valencia project will involve 12 Energica motorcycles: the riders will be both journalists and the winners of the “Ego Challenge” contest organized in collaboration with Pirelli.

Road to Valencia – Riding Experience

Road to Valencia aims to spread Energica’s formula: 0% emissions mean 100% fun. Energica bikes are based on our racing experience, with superb components such as Pirelli DIABLO ROSSO™ III. The supersport tyre of the DIABLO™ tyre family born from the racetrack for the road and combines all the latest technologies, the most revolutionary materials and the most innovative processes together with Pirelli’s know-how.
Riders involved will experience this Revolution tasting the entire Energica line-up. Here are the motorcycles involved:

Energica Eva EsseEsse9

The old-style electric motorcycle made in Energica has just been recognized by UK’s authoritative Motorcycle Consumer News as their “2018 Electric of the Year”.

Energica Eva

Ride-by-wire and a sophisticated Vehicle Control Unit allows you to control the immense torque of Energica Eva motorcycle, making it an ideal tool for the urban jungle.

Energica Ego

The green heart of the Energica Ego is a synchronous oil-cooled motor with permanent magnets and a 11.7 kW lithium polymer battery. This delivers instantaneous and linear power, and torque far surpassing internal combustion engines of any sportbike.

Road to Valencia – Charging Experience

Energica motorcycles will cross the beautiful streets of Valencia and will be charged thanks to Enel X technology based on CCS Combo present on every Energica bike.
Riders will juice up with Enel X JuicePump charging station installed at the circuit and with the new Enel X JuicePole installed at Melia Hotel where they will have dinner during Saturday evening.

During Road to Valencia event riders will have the opportunity to see live the last demo lap of Ego Corsa, that will take place on November 18th at Circuit Ricardo Tormo.

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