The interest in the Energica project is international, especially in North America and California where EMC has met real opportunities for collaboration with disruptive companies like ChargePoint.

The growing of the Energica dealer network and the first deliveries of the Energica Ego display the strong will of entrepreneur Livia Cevolini in continuing the company’s plan to become a major player in the electric motorcycle field.

“We believe that the future is electric”, says Livia Cevolini, CEO EMC. “Our bikes are champions of sport, luxury, craftsmanship and innovation rooted in our expertise in engineering and driving performance.” A combination of these synergies make this Italian project completely unique.

Energica continues the same trend of growth and improvement, and is very proud to announce the partnership with Hollywood Electrics!

Energica Ego, the fully homologated high-performing electric sportbike will be available at the world’s leading retailer of electric motorcycles!